Research Update!

After months of extensive research, we are now moving into the production/filming stage.  Yep, we’re grabbing our cameras and hitting the road to sit down with many of the computer history and women in computing experts as well as former colleagues of Grace’s to dig deeper into our story.  We promise to share some behind-the-scenes notes, photos, and video with you.  In the meantime, we wanted to share a quick update on where we are.


During our research phase, we spoke with several experts in computer history and women in computing.  We wanted to gain  a better understanding of the timeline and how certain cultural events impacted and helped shape the industry.  We talked about the development of the computer industry in the US vs various European countries, the transition between hardware to software and back again to hardware, academia’s role in the new industry, and the norms of the time.  We also researched the feminist movement, civil rights movement, and McCarthyism to put some context around the story.   (It is important to understand how these events directly and indirectly impacted the industry).Now we’re feeling good about our story and are ready to move into the filming phase.

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