Grace Hopper was one of the first innovators in computing.  Yet we rarely hear of her accomplishments except around her birthday and the annual Grace Hopper celebration.  If we are to continue encouraging women to enter into the technology field, we need to share the personal and professional stories of women like Grace.  Much has been discussed about her professional accomplishments, but little about who she was – meaning her quirky personality traits, her love of math, and her insatiable curiosity.  We believe it’s time to introduce the world to “Amazing Grace” (aka the “Grand Old Lady of Software”) while also telling the story of the advent of computer programming and the technology we take for granted today.



Melissa Pierce and Marian Mangoubi, the team behind ‘Born with Curiosity’, met a few years ago while part of Chicago’s tech start-up scene. They discovered they had several things in common including their insatiable support for female leaders, an interest in all-things tech, and experience in making films.



Melissa Pierce is the Producer and Director of ‘Born with Curiosity’ and the award winning documentary ‘Life in Perpetual Beta‘.  She also founded Chicago Women Developers (CWD), a non-profit organization that teaches women how to code.

Marian Mangoubi is the Producer, Screenwriter and Researcher of ‘Born with Curiosity’.  Prior to this, she has served in various roles while working on film/television/web series productions.  She has also spent time working as a digital marketer.