Come Get Your Nanoseconds

Missed your chance to grab one of these nifty Nanoseconds the first time? Never fear. We have a limited number of Nanosecond wires scrounged from places like the Pentagon, Harvard, and the basement of Penny’s Diner (sourced exactly like Grace preferred to get her 11.8 inch pieces of telephone wire, that is to say, pirated while no one is watching!) Each nanosecond wire will cost you $15 dollars and comes with the warm feeling in your heart that you’ve helped us continue to produce the Born with Curiosity project, and a printed card that tells the story behind Grace’s famous Nanosecond Talk.


1 Nanosecond Edited       Born With Curoisity - IndieGoGo Perk - Nanosecond PDF[wp_cart_button name=”Nanosecond + Story Card” price=”15.00″ shipping=”0.001″]